Men’s Hair Styling Products

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Thanks for giving us the the opportunity to show you our all natural, all Tasmanian hair styling products for men.


Our Mission

To create hair products built on pillars of respect and quality - We only use sustainable ingredients in our products.


Our Vision

To see a commercial landscape that respects the consumer and the environment they live within.


Our Values

We value authenticity and the desire to create products that mean something to us and our community. We value quality, or the aim to have products that reflect the best quality they can be. We value respect, we love the people we work with, the people that use our products, and the environment they're situated in.

Our Hairstyle Range


Crafted with success in mind, the Oxford has a medium shine and medium hold and scented with an earthy sandalwood and the crisp freshness of lime. This premium pomade is designed for slick and sharp pompadours typical of those walking through Oxford Street, London.


The Bicerin combines the flavours of an old-school Italian coffee on a frosty Tasmanian morning, with a no-nonsense natural finish and medium hold. The product boasts a no shine matte look for the hair styles that ought to look natural and simple. 


With a stronger hold, and a no mess restyle-able feel, this sculpting wax captures Tasmania’s wildest track, Overland. Scented with the rugged and spicy black pepper tree, bay rum, and fresh bergamot, this product is designed for the adventurer.

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