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Tasmania's finest hair style products.


Our Hairstyle Range

We have curated a line of three men's hair styling products for three different reasons. The Overland, for the adventurer. The Bicerin, for the low-key legend. The Oxford, for the slick city folk. To check out more, visit the store.

Water-based pomade | Classic pomade


Crafted with success in mind, the Oxford has a medium shine and medium hold and scented with an earthy sandalwood and the crisp freshness of lime. This premium pomade is designed for slick and sharp pompadours typical of those walking through Oxford St, London.

Matt Clay Pomade | Matte Clay


The Bicerin combines the flavours of an old-school Italian coffee on a frosty Tasmanian morning, with a no-nonsense natural finish and medium hold. The product boasts a no shine matte look for the hair styles that ought to look natural, simple, and purely effortless.

Sculpting wax | Restyle wax


With a stronger hold, and a no mess restyle-able feel, this sculpting wax captures Tasmania’s wildest track, Overland. We scented this product with the rugged and spicy black pepper tree, bay rum, and fresh bergamot. Our sculpting wax is designed for the adventurer.


Our Beard Care Curation

We have hand selected a suite of oils and butters from the best corners of the world, along with our famous Tasmanian beeswax, to bring you two beard oils and two beard balms. The Overland, for the adventurer and the ‘show-er’. The Oxford, for the slick city folk, and for the ‘grower’. To check out more, visit the store.



For those wild hairs on your chin, we have a solution. Our daily-use beard balm is built on the foundations of our Tasmanian beeswax, and nourishing cocoa and shea butter. With you in mind, we’ve also included scents that pair well with our hair and beard products.



To the men who have fallen prey to the itchy skin underneath their beard, or the beardruff of hell, we say no more. Beard oil is designed for nourishing and hydrating the skin beneath your beard. Like watering your plants, except its beard oil at the roots of your beard.


Five minutes

Our artisan style products are crafted with you in mind. Wherever you are in life, it pays to look great. Take five minutes each morning with the perfect product to kick start your daily adventure. Rise early, and style right. 

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Challenge the Quo

CEOs bring style when meeting with investors. What are you bringing when you're meeting people?

Fifth Estate Co classy and fun

Be Classy and Fun

Gala dinner with the Prime Minister? About to get knighted? Or just a Saturday with the boys? Be ready for whatever life throws your way.

Fifth Estate Co Respect

R.e.s.p.e.c.t yourself

With high quality ingredients hand-selected from the best nature has to offer, why use anything else?


250 milliseconds.

Blink and you'll miss it

The amount of time, on average, it takes to determine if a new person is competent and trustworthy. About the same amount of time between the two firework shots above. Does your hair style engender trust?

Fifth Estate Co dress to impress

Dress to impress?

Evidence demonstrates career success comes more from your hair, than the clothes you wear.

Fifth Estate Co soar above the rest

Soar above 43%

The percentage of men you have an advantage over. The number of males who do not use a hair product to improve their hairstyle. Beat half of the herd in five minutes a day. 


Our Hair & Beard Range

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