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Find our products across a range of stockists. If your local barber or salon doesn’t, let them know where to find us, and we’ll sort them out!


With more than 100 positive reviews on Facebook, Cadootje is a well respected gift store in Launceston. Say hello to Kellie at Cadootje, where you can find Fifth Estate Co., products right beside gifts for the whole family.

27 David Street, Newstead, Tasmania, Australia.

A cutting edge hair design salon, in Kingston, Hobart. Cyber Hair specialise in contemporary styling and the company strives for excellence in all aspects of hairdressing. Get advice on our products from the Cyber team.

Shop 18, Kingston Town Shopping Centre, Kingston, Tasmania, Australia.

A designer salon for hair, Frankie & Boy offer a unique experience for men and women alike. Find our hair and beard products, and grab a hair cut while you are there, at Frankie & Boy.

7a Gregory Street, Sandy Bay, Tasmania, Australia.

Rachel and Brodie from Hair United offer a great cut, conversation, and (importantly ;) ) are home to our pomades and wax. Located in the centre of Kings Meadows, Launceston, they are a must visit.

5/129 Hobart Road, Launceston, Tasmania, Australia.

Our friends from the North-West provide a beautiful range of exclusively Tasmanian products, including each of our handmade Tasmanian hair and beard products. Find them here.

You can find all of our range online at the Sydney-based online marketplace HardtoFind, along with a huge supply of gifts for everyone.

Head Office Men’s Hairdressing is located in the heart of Hobart with Tina and Jane as the men’s hairdresser of choice for our COO, William Coats. You can find our men’s grooming products on their shelves, and free advice.

31A Murray Street, Hobart, Tasmania.

One of our key suppliers of Tasmanian beeswax, Heritage Honey has some amazing beeswax and honey-based products on their shelves. In addition to being able to pick up honey, you can also find Fifth products there too.

21-23 Springfield Avenue, Glenorchy, Tasmania, Australia.

Located in Launceston Tasmania, Try Lotus Hair Design for all your hair needs! Specialists in cutting, latest colour trends, makeup, and formal styling. P.s. we also saw some Fifth Estate Co. products under their Christmas tree last year!

Shop 7, 198-216 Charles St, Launceston, Tasmania, Australia.

Masion is a boutique store in South Hobart with a range of stylish premium quality homewares and gifts, including our pomade and beard products.

418 Macquarie Street, South Hobart, Tasmania, Australia.

Milkbud have no shop front, but they make some really great gift packs for every occasion from weddings to baby shower gifts. Our pomades and beard products can be found in a handful of their gentleman’s range.

NewsXpress Glenorchy is the newsagency of the future, giving you more than just news: cards, gifts, magazines and toys! In addition to their range of gifts and memorabilia, you can find our hair and beard range there too.

Shop 52, Northgate Shopping Centre, Glenorchy, Tasmania, Australia.

Digital in nature, global in effort, Product of Tasmania stock Fifth Estate Co products among many others in their all-Tasmania product range. You can find our products among an assortment of authentic Tasmanian products within their rapidly growing range.

Pure Heroine is a market-based vendor supplying a suite of beauty products at local markets across southern Tasmania. Their range includes our Tasmanian-made hair and beard products.

Studio Hair and Beauty is a boutique hair and beauty location that does cuts for men and women. With three locations across Launceston, it is a place that is hard to miss… and in fact, why would you want to?

185 Charles Street, Launceston, Tasmania, Australia.
369 Hobart Road, Youngtown, Tasmania, Australia.

Surreal Hair Designs are members of the Fifth family from the deep North of Tasmania. Jackie and the girls from Wynyard are more than happy to cater to all your hair and beauty needs.

38 Goldie Street, Wynyard, Tasmania, Australia.

The Tasmanian Artisan Shop in the Launceston CBD, is filled with wonderful works from local Tasmanian Artisans. Their store showcases some 200 different artisans from across Tasmania, including our Fifth products.

108 George Street, Launceston, Tasmania, Australia.

The Spotted Quoll Studio has a plan to use the native and natural inspirations to create environmental inspired designs for people’s homes. We love their vision, and with aligning goals, we’re pretty stoked you can find Fifth in store.

166 Liverpool Street, Hobart, Tasmania, Australia.

Total Performance Sports is a locally-owned sport store stocking a wide range of footwear, apparel, gym equipment, and supplements. Not to mention, you can also locate some Fifth hair products on their shelves in Devonport.

11 Best Street, Devonport, Tasmania, Australia.

Venue Clothing, formerly Wanted Streetwear, believes that it’s your style that makes you different. We agree. Not only do we think you should rise to the challenge, but we also think you should style your way.

5 Kingsway, Launceston, Tasmania, Australia.