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Less complexity. More yoU.

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It shouldn’t be
that hard!

Finding the right product for your hair, and your style should not be as hard as you might have experienced. So, let us take the burden of that with three simple questions to identify the option that best suits your needs. There’ll be a discount code below if you’re willing to share your preferred combo!

 Step 1. Preferred Hair Finish

Medium Shine | Low Shine | Matte

Our products range have either a medium shine, low shine, or matte finish. The medium shine will look more classy and more professional, whereas a matte finish will give the 'I didn't style this, I just got out of bed' look. The low shine has a slight gloss aesthetic without being overpowering - this suits most styles.

Medium shine

Medium Shine

Male hairstyle - low shine comb-over

Low Shine

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Matte Finish

Step 2. Preferred Product Structure

Pomade | Clay | Wax

Our products have three different structures.

  • The water-based pomade is thinner than the typical hair wax. It will be easier to use on dry hair, but will often shine more if applied to towel-dried hair.

  • The clay pomade is more of a thick cream with a slightly gritty feel, and will offer an almost invisible look in your hair.

  • The sculpting wax is designed to provide a stronger hold and this comes with a far stronger product. It may require some warming in your hand before use. The perks of this is that it can be restyled during the day.

 Step 3. Hair Length

Medium-Long | Medium | Short

This one is a simple one, to finish off strong. What is the length of your hair?

Long hair for hair style

Medium to Long Hair

Medium Hair for Hair Styling

Medium Hair


Short Hair


Step 4. What’s Your Flavour?


Water-based, medium shine, and great for short-medium hair. Suitable for pompadours, slick backs, and a shine atop a faded undercut.


Clay cream, low shine finish, and great for short-medium hair. Suitable for a more casual look, and for the classic ‘just got out of bed’.



Tough wax, low shine, and great for medium-long hair. Suitable for stronger hold scenarios, with the ability to restyle easily.

Oxford - Classic Men's Pomade
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Bicerin - Clay Men's Pomade
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Overland - Sculpting Wax for Men
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Be a champion

Finish off strong, and let us know your preferred combination in ten seconds. It will help us to design new products that meet your needs better.

There’ll even be a discount code when you submit, to keep you fresh!

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