beard care

Caring for your beard the right way

By now, you’re on your way to a better beard. Our beard line offers a heavily researched, and highly tested, set of beard products for every beard with our signature Tasmanian beeswax and natural ingredients. Our beard range is here to stay, and we’ve done it for you.

Epic Beard

What do I use?

Think of your beard like a tree.

When we grow trees, we water and provide nutrients to the dirt. It’s a similar story for your beard. Beard oil moisturises and nourishes the dry skin underneath your facial hair. This aims to prevent dry flaky skin (‘Beardruff’), and provides the foundations for growing a strong, healthy beard.

The second part of growing trees is to keep the leaves in shape and looking healthy. That’s what a beard balm does. Conditions during the day, and lightly shapes those wild hairs.

You can find more in-depth information about your beard in our comprehensive guide.