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Our story


Is your opportunity 

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Founded in 2017 by two guys who just wanted better hair, the Fifth Estate Co. was established to reduce the time in front of the mirror, so you can focus on what is important.


Tasmanian duo Joey Crawford and William Coats sat in a boutique cafe in 2017, and walked away energised by more than their lattes. They had a mission. To create a product that people like them were able to rave about.

Our Name


Has a Story

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The Fifth Estate

It all started when...

The name Fifth Estate Company takes its roots in the Old Regime of France, before their French Revolution, where there were three estates of power: the clergy (the First Estate), the nobles (the Second Estate), and the people (the Third Estate). Across the world from 1400 to 1800 these three estates, and their variations were pretty common, Sweden had four estates (separating the people into burghers and land-owning peasants), and Scotland had three estates, with slight name variations. The Fourth Estate in Ecclesiastical France was coined in 1837 to reflect the power the printing press (i.e. media) had on society. 

We call the Fifth Estate the next level of power, the individuals who may be overnight YouTube sensations, or those who work to ascend to the upper echelons of twenty first century society. These people are the future decision-makers, the future leaders.

We exist and create products to make sure that whatever the journey, whatever the goal, that you look good whilst climbing the corporate ladder or enjoying a bevvy with the boys on a Friday afternoon. 






Our Team

The best and brightest

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Joey Crawford - CEO

Joey Crawford
Chief Executive Officer

Joey comes from an education and business background, he specialised in developing current and future business leaders. 

He got tired of cycling through hair products, with ingredients he didn't recognise. Knowing, if it wasn't him that challenged the quo, then who would?

William Coats - COO

William Coats
Chief Operating Officer

Will's roots are in business data analysis, and brings a wealth of strategic and operational insight to the company.

He has worked with building startups in the past, and is passionate about bringing creative ideas to life. If not now, then when, right?


The Team


Luke Tepper - Barber Liaison

Luke Tepper
Relationship Manager

Luke has been a part of Fifth Estate Co. from the start, from product testing at the earliest stages, to connecting Launceston barbers with the best style products Tasmania has to offer. 

Dan - Relationships with barbers

Dan Probert
Relationship Manager

Often seen sporting a suit and tie, replying to emails on his phone over a latte, Dan is our version of dapper. Based in Hobart, he loves connecting with barbers and salons in Southern Tasmania.

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Toby Thomas
Relationship Manager

A proud Queenslander, though strangely spends his time hopping through Hobart bars and cafes. Never one to miss an opportunity to chat, Toby is the embodiment of everything we stand for.



Shaziye Parish - Marketing Assistant

Shaziye Parish
Marketing Assistant

Shaziye challenges conventional marketing methods to implement a digital marketing platform that showcases our story, our history, and our future. 

Matt Dorazio - Digital Marketing Specialist

Matt Dorazio
Digital Marketing Specialist

With a beer in his hand, and a slice of pizza in the other, is his mode of operation. But in the office, he's a Google AdWords specialist, and works to implement our digital marketing SEO and SEM strategy.


What we


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As a company, Fifth Estate Co. is pretty proud of the values we have, and the mission that motivates us every morning that damned alarm clock goes off way too early.


To create hair products built on pillars of respect and quality. 


To see a commercial landscape that respects the consumer and the environment they live within. 


We value authenticity, and the desire to create products that mean something to us and our community. 

We value quality, or the aim to have products that reflect the best quality they can be. 

We value respect, we love the people we work with, the people that use our products, and the environment they're situated in. We promise to look after those that we respect.